Like having a brand new pair of shoes.

So, hey, it’s me, Monica! I decided to start a new blog. It’s been five years since I started my livejournal (Over at and yet I’m still as challenged as ever when coming up with a username. Pasipiko simply means Pacific, and I’ll explain my attachment to that idea later.

Why a new journal? The entries in the other one had already become more and more sparse, and now I throw on yet another web space to maintain. Well, I’m not exactly sure why I wanted a new one, but I know that I needed it.  I have grown up a lot with that journal. But in the true sense of the word “journal”, I’ve filled my old blog’s pages.

In elementary school, I used to buy new notebooks and cute little doodle pads every other week just for the heck of it. So this is that same old bad habit, only more environmentally-friendly, I suppose (trees vs the energy needed to run my laptop… Hmmm). I needed more creative space and the allure of a fresh, blank canvas is just too hard to resist. Plus the search feature in WordPress is going to be really useful.

But why Pasipiko? Well, it’s my ink. The way I explain my tattoo to friends and other curious people is, pacific means “peaceful”. It was one of those little trivia bits from grade school Social Studies. Ferdinand Magellan, in his quest to find the Spice Islands, named the large body of water he crossed the Pacific Ocean because he noted how gentle and calm its temperament was compared to the Atlantic. The word represents so many things for me. It’s a reminder to myself that no matter how turbulent the situation is, I should and can keep myself calm and peaceful. I got the tattoo at a time when I felt lost in the midst of my parents’ …let’s say issues instead…, my family moving continents, and me just starting to find my feet.

It also is a reminder to myself of where I’m from, so that I never forget. My love for the ocean is very strong, and someday I hope to return to my homegirl’s gorgeous water.

All that drama aside, I really am quite a fun and happy person, and you can usually catch me in a good mood. I love cooking and eating food, music, photography, travel, and a whole bunch of other stuff, so I’ll be busy writing away in here to keep record of all my good finds.


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