Ring the alarm! I’m a fashion emergency!

I’m going to graduate school in Vienna, Austria in the Fall, and that freaks me out for many reasons. Call it superficial but one of the main ones is…. drumroll please….(are you rolling? ok). Fashion. Yes sir, yes ma’am. Fashion. Sure, I can look cute, but that’s easy – it’s genetic. Har Har.

I usually don’t give much thought to what I wear. Why bother? is the mindset here. I’d like to take the positive out of that and think that my lack of attention towards my outward appearance is related to my self-confidence. I know that my friends and whomever significant other at the time like me for me, and not for the oversized bag on my shoulder and MAC makeup. That’s enough reason for me not to have to glam myself up to be liked. At the same time, I have always secretly envied girls who have the perfect outfit every single time, and whose makeup is impeccable. Being able to stand in front of a mirror that long to perfect that pouty pucker so it’s just so- every single time for every single photo? Honestly, that’s amazing dedication.

what my classmates will probably look like

me on a normal day

me, if i try!

Secondly, it takes a lot of money to look that good. I’d rather spend it on food. Or on one of my hobbies.

For the past half-year or so, I purposely left all my nicer clothes behind and brought my collection of free University shirts that I’d collected over the years and some gross mom jeans. (now THAT would make a fun post). Eau de chicken poop and billy goat? Yeah, spray that all over my Burberry coat!

Now I don’t have an excuse. Plus there’s orientation week in Copenhagen where I’ll probably have to introduce myself and do all of that mingle-y kind of stuff. I want to work hard a little bit this time on how I look.  Europe has a very quick way of rejecting you the minute you step out in a pair of sweatpants and your old tennis shoes. Goodness, just going to the grocery to pick up an extra head of broccoli seems to call out for a catwalk.

I’m going to try. Good grief, I’m twenty-two going on twenty-three, it’s high time to start dressing like some lady going to Europe for grad school! http://whatwouldanerdwear.blogspot.com is a total lifesaver. She has an awesome style.

Shopping trip, anyone?


3 thoughts on “Ring the alarm! I’m a fashion emergency!

  1. love your face in the photo with the yellow shirt. nyahaha. angsaya naman sa copenhagen yung orientation! woowoo. :)

    • HIII REMeeeKA!!
      whattaface diba? hahahaha. oo nga eh, copenhagen… sosyal! come visit me and we shall ogle european men. seriously let me know if you have any european trips. ipester din natin si kla hahaha.

      do you still blog/write/tumble(?) enge naman ng link, i want things to read online by people i knoww

      • di na nga masyado ehhh. pero gusto ko magblog ulit! baka buhayin ko nalang lj ko. hahaha. may tumblr ako pero it’s mostly just reposting. yeah i know. ang laaaaame. hahaha

        nyaaaaar scandinavian men! oooh la la. hahaha. yeahhh i really want to go to europaaa. soon soon! :D

        good luck and have fun sa grad school! :]

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