Now or never!

I have about a week left here at my Ohio internship, and it’s a mixed bag of feelings. For one thing, it’s excitement – there’s so much to look forward to once I leave! Vacation, family, old friends, new friends, travel, food, and of course the grad school adventure. Another feeling is a little bit of sadness, of course. I’ve been here for approximately nine months so of course I was going to get a little attached to the place. I’ll miss the peacefulness – in contrast, the excitement of the kids that I teach – of this nature sanctuary and our farm.

Another feeling is nervousness. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m leaving a whole freaking country — that’s the one that kills me a little bit. I’ll miss the US. There seems to be a global movement to dislike America and it’s not a very hidden agenda to do it. Every country has its triumphs and failures, obviously, but nowhere else than the US receives such unabashed animosity and even hatred from people and communities all around the world. My experience for the most part has led me to think that it’s a great country, a beautiful country at that, but that it’s too big and fragmented – politically, morally, ethnically – and that leads to its misunderstanding by others, even those who live in it. Freedom comes with a price, and this is it. Well, I hate writing about something I don’t know enough about, so I’ll leave it at that. I’ve really discovered what it means to be free here, and for that, I owe the US a big Thank You. The fact that I’ve done a lot of my growing up here has certainly made a tangible mark on how I think, speak, and act, and I’ll forever be grateful for this American experience.

At a more trivial level, I think I’m in crush. Hahahahahahaha. It’s such horrible timing, because I am leaving so soon! Thing is, I don’t know if I’ll ever see him again (this week and well, forever after that). I hope so! If I do see him this week, it’s definitely going to be a now or never moment. :p If I don’t, well, at least I’ll have memories of all these giddy, silly feelings :)

Only the shallow know themselves.
– Oscar Wilde


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