Tshabalala! Bibimbap! Say that five times fast :p

I just love the sound of those words.

Anyway, I had Leetol Seester day today. I picked her up from her half day of school, cooked her one of her favorite meals (Bibimbap), did a little park time, waited on her as she took FOREVER at Claire’s, ate gummi bears — except for the Cola ones. We left those at random places in the mall as sacrificial offerings. I love her! One of the best things about being home is being able to spend time with my sister. Even though I end up looking like her yaya/everloving servant.

She had just made a face.

When I was younger, before my younger siblings were born, I had always wished for an older sister. Like ridiculously wished for one. I’d wish on the first star I’d see at night, on birthday cakes, sometimes in my prayers. I just really wanted an older sister to play with. It’s not like I couldn’t confide in my mom or have fun with her, I did. By this time my older brother and I weren’t as close; we had also just moved into our big house and I couldn’t help feel a little bit jealous of Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield of the Sweet Valley Twins who always claimed to have an “automatic best friend” because they were twin sisters.

Little did I know it would be me becoming the older sister of my wishes. And I’d like to think I’m a pretty good one. I’m not the best, no no. I remember being mean to them, making them cry — tough love sometimes — but ugh, I love them so much. I live for our inside dinner jokes, snuggles, and their begging me to stop my tickling. It’s so eerie and yet fun to see them grow up right before my eyes. I’d do anything for them. I really would.

Before I get too sentimental (TOO LATE suckaz!), here’s my take on Korean Bibimbap :D

My sister's fingers. Oh, and our lunch <3

Marinade some bulgogi-cut beef in the soy-onion marinade (see below). Prep your veggies. In my case, I used some carrots and cucumbers and some stir-fried bean sprouts — just a lil’ salt and sesame oil. Some blanched spinach stirfried in sesame oil and some garlic would be nice too. Cook the meat quickly in a hot pan until just done and starting to caramelize a bit.

Assemble! Top with a fried egg. Mix in a heaping tablespoon or so of red pepper paste, and maybe an extra drizzle of sesame oil. If you had a hot stone pot this would be extra delish. Yum yum yum <3

Koreanish Soy Onion Marinade:

about 1/4 cup Kikkoman soy sauce
1 whole small onion, grated finely/crushed in a food processor (this is the secret! :p)
about 1″ piece ginger, crushed finely (a garlic press works great)
1 tbsp sesame oil
1 tbsp sugar/ honey

chopped green onions, optional

It's really easy, basically you just mix rice + veggies of your choice + some meat + egg + Korean red pepper paste :D


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