I love the summer. I’ve been cooking, eating, going out with my siblings, watching the World Cup, hanging out in parks and smelling the flowers, talking with random people and with my special someone :D

It’s really nice being home– I guess if I can call this place home now. The language barrier is still a very big frustration, but I get by with my awkward hand gestures and cheesy “I don’t speak French” smile and pa-cute giggleshrug combo.

* * *

Feeling very French, my sister and I had made our first ever macaron attempt a couple of days ago. They came out delicious, albeit without the trademark feet of the macaron! We decided we needed to do a couple of things better the next time, including sifting the almonds + powdered sugar mixture, not overbeating the meringue portion, and investing in a real pastry bag to pipe them delicious little suckers out :D

Raspberry Cream Macarons

But anyway, my sister and I were browsing Taste Spotting (Gosh, I love that website) a little earlier today and we came across a recipe for churros. This was a great excuse to get a pastry bag of our own! So we did and made these in a very short amount of time. Super saraaaaaaaap. :D Just like the ones I used to eat at this Spanishy restaurant called Dulcinea in the mall across from my elementary school… maybe even better, cos my sister made them ;)

Used the recipe from here:
I would actually make just a half batch of these next time, or freeze/keep the other half because they made a LOT.


And right after we made them (and inhaled them), it started to rain. Looooooove it. Another nice day for the record books :D

evil yummy chocolate sauce


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