Guessing at numbers and figures

The song “The Scientist” came up on my Facebook friend feed, and the song always transports me back three years when I had a crush on my labmate in the fruitfly lab I used to work at. I dubbed him Microscope Boy. During my last year in college, I was biking home from the library. It was golden hour; everything was tipped in a thousand carats. I saw him out of the corner of my eye as I whizzed past. His long hair, a lot longer than I remember, glowed like a hot summer day. He was sitting with a girl in a cute hat, laughing as he took a leisurely sip from a Coke can. The Coldplay song played in my head immediately and I smiled widely to myself, feeling like a fool.

Here’s my old entry about him. :)


Flies on the brain
Nobody said it was easy
It’s such a shame for us to part
Nobody said it was easy
No one ever said it would be this hard
Take me back to the start

Nakita ko na yung mga flies with heart-shaped eyes.. Hmmpf not what I was expecting (akala ko, as in parang ♥-shaped talaga), but yes, they look like hearts. :D

I miss having a writing class (among other things). So, allow me a little indulgence. :)
Hehehe. :D

I laugh and talk with the guy at the microscope next to mine. And in a brief moment of respite I get the chance to observe him, my glowing pink cheeks betraying more than my feigned interest in the 4% PLP vial. He wears his sandy-colored hair a little long; It’s long enough to tuck back behind his ears, but not yet quite long enough to pull into a pony tail. A little bit of fuzz grows on his chin and cheeks, and some dark ink peeks out of where his left shirt sleeve rests, as if sharing a secret with me. He has a quiet, sincere smile that creeps up along one side of his face before spreading out into a full-fledged grin as he reaches for my roll of lifesaver candy. His turn towards my candy catches me unaware, and I laugh a little laugh and turn back to my microscope, glad for an escape.


* * * * *

I wonder what song will remind me of you, my Summerboy? There are just too many happy songs. <3


3 thoughts on “Guessing at numbers and figures

  1. ang galing mo sumulat! tas napansin ko tungkol pala to sa gwapong crush mo dati haha, so medyo mabigat basahin haha. pero sa ganda ng pagkasulat, napukaw pa rin ang damdamin ko (kahit jelling ng kaunti :p)

    and then I saw the last lines, good save Pop :D

    “everything was tipped in a thousand carats”
    ang galing, alam mo kung paano sabihin yung nadarama ko pag nakikita kita :)

      • I think I’m more of a microbe than a jellyman haha.
        You don’t have to if you don’t want to. (PA)
        Pero I’d love that :D

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