I’ve long dreamed of making it to Venice. I always thought it would be somewhere I’d spend my honeymoon, or escape to with some secret spy lover, Jason Bourne style.

Well, tomorrow I’ll be there. It’s a little anticlimactic – sometimes I feel like vacations are much more savored when you’ve personally saved up for it and dreamed it up on your own and made countdowns and stuff. I won’t have a lover by my side but I’ll have him in my brain. I’ll fulfill my honeymoon fantasy some other time – maybe with Matt Damon as my secret spy lover! Hohyesss. Hahaha :D

I’ll be with family so half the time we’ll probably be grumbling about the weather or how we’re hungry or tired. I’ll also probably still hear Sam Padilla’s little voice in my ear about how baho the canals are.

But I know I’ll love it. I’m excited.
I may come to regret this, but I’m leaving my gigantic camera behind. I just want to enjoy everything without a black box and lens in my way.


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