By the numbers

one Last night, I was lying down on a sloping pavement holding hands with a boy wearing a tie-dye shirt. A big TV monitor was over our heads and The Cure’s “It’s Friday I’m in Love” played, and then it started drizzling and we had to escape from my flooding high school building. My dreams need some psychoanalysis. I can’t remember having a night where I haven’t dreamed.

two Nine days til Danish-land! I have all my tickets, hostels, and paperwork pretty much covered for Vienna too. Thank goodness for the internet. Otherwise, wow! That would be kind of fun (like having to use maps and brochures and stuff… travelers’ checks?), but a horribly long process.

three I woke up this morning and jumped a little when I looked in the mirror! I forgot I got a haircut hahahahaha. I like it though. It makes me feel like my regular self :D I’m sure it will bug me (already does) and I’ll miss my long hair (yup), but I’m kind of a wash-and-go girl. Long hair requires too much thought for lazy me. Besides, hat weather is coming soon :D

four I can’t decide between blogging here or on my LJ. I’m pretty sure I’ll be caught in bed, so to speak, with the other one and there will be an ultimatum or something.

five Field trip on my first week to the European Environment Agency! WOW. wowowowow.


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