Some notes on food adventures in Vienna

Today, I made pancit bihon with IKEA meatballs as extra sahog. Yummmeh. :D

Some day I want to learn how to make Chap Chae, just because the noodles are so slippery and gloopy! I’m excited to try a Korean restaurant somewhere here… I haven’t had any good Korean food in so long!

I had the best falafel sandwich of my life last week. I’m thinking of stopping by there again this week… heehee. It was really good, they had some rotkraut salad and eggplant something something all messy with the humus… Uuuugh. So good :D

Kebab boxes are an easy, slightly guilty, pleasure :D

Pinachio cookies from Trader Joes are killers. I love them sfm.

I also tried the mythical Viennese Apfelstrudel a couple of days ago at Cafe Sperl, that cafe from Before Sunrise, and took nibbles from Teresa and Babs’ Sachertorte. I loved the chocolateyness of the cake which was cut by some apricot jam right down the middle. Yum!

Ethan Hawke showed up eventually, I promise


This year has been the year where I’ve drank the most coffee possibly of my life. I’m more of a tea kind of girl, but the coffeehouse culture is so strong here and I might as well get used to it! (aka revel in it, so many quirky cafes everywhere)


Ate here yesternight: , a Pakistani buffet where you only pay as much as you want. Crazy concept, I’d be curious to find out if it works for them. But the food was gooood. The Alu Palak was my favorite, and this sweet Almond dessert that reminded me of my visit to a Sikh temple when I was still a freshie at UP.



On an unrelated note,

Hum. I’m really getting into this Biodiv module. It’s always been my favorite topic in biology… Hmmm makes me reconsider my focus since I don’t like all this Econ shizzy… Hmmmmm…






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