I love good recipes, and trying fancy or gourmet ingredients. But sometimes I really do think the best food comes from having no initial plan and just diving into the fridge for inspiration. Even using not so fancy ingredients like canned stuff and making it into something special is great :) Most of the time it’ll be something pretty amazing. (Although there are of course some really bad potential falls).

Take tonight, I have next to nothing in my fridge now. I had some sad formerly-fresh button mushrooms and some day-old rice, so I decided to make mushroom fried rice, and it was sooooo good! :p I was also a tiny bit hungry from yoga, though, so my stomach was probably just saying “feed me anything plzzzz” but it was YAMMY :D. (harhar)


Sauteed some a lot of garlic in oil. I peeled off the outer layer of the mushrooms so they wouldn’t look so sad, then sliced them really thinly. Good as new! I figured, what’s the worst thing? They’re already fungi. I added them to the garlic and let them hang out. Added some Chinese rice wine (thank you, Chinese housemate), the rice, and then the finale was some dark soy sauce, which is really interesting! It’s thick and it made the rice a very nice dark brown. (Thank you again Chinese housemate)


I think nearly anything fried with garlic and tossed with rice and soy sauce is a sure win. I wolfed my meal down, and now my lovingly twisted body will go to sleep. yay! :D



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