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I made some moussaka for the first time today! I forgot to take pictures, because it went fast hehe. It’s kind of like lasagna with eggplant slices instead of pasta. I had this in a cafeteria in Copenhagen last week. It was like a huge mystery mass of cheese, but it was so yummy I … Continue reading

By the numbers

one Last night, I was lying down on a sloping pavement holding hands with a boy wearing a tie-dye shirt. A big TV monitor was over our heads and The Cure’s “It’s Friday I’m in Love” played, and then it started drizzling and we had to escape from my flooding high school building. My dreams … Continue reading


I’ve long dreamed of making it to Venice. I always thought it would be somewhere I’d spend my honeymoon, or escape to with some secret spy lover, Jason Bourne style. Well, tomorrow I’ll be there. It’s a little anticlimactic – sometimes I feel like vacations are much more savored when you’ve personally saved up for … Continue reading

Potent brew

I don’t feel so good right now. :s Blame it on a weird stomach, a poor night’s sleep, or a cold wreaking havoc on my nose and patience. I think I’m bored but my brain is telling me I’m not. I think I’m distracting myself with running this household and making trips to the grocery … Continue reading